'Shark Tank Special: 8oz (227g) Mango Mango - Mango Preserves; 1oz (28g) Spicy Jammin' Ginger PARTY Mix $10.00

$ 10.00

'Mango Mango'  is a sweet blend of mango, sugar, vanilla, and lime juice. An all natural/gluten free recipe and can be enjoyed without having to worry about eating a host of unpronounceable ingredients, artificial flavors, artificial colors, or preservatives.

Spicy Jammin' Ginger PARTY Mix compliments 'Mango Mango' Mango Preserves in many Mangolicious recipes. Especially the Mango Ginger Shrimp! Just a sprinkle (1/2 teaspoon) and the PARTY Mix goes a long way!

A spicy blend of ginger, paprika, garlic, cayenne pepper, black pepper, crushed red pepper, and salt.